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Strategic Plan

Student uses tablet in classroom

Strength and Spirit: Bosco Tech's Strategic Plan 

In 1954, James Cardinal McIntyre envisioned a revolutionary type of secondary education for families in Southern California – one that merged both traditional subject-based curriculums with skills that allowed for high-level technological competency, directly from high school. With that vision, McIntyre developed a partnership between the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Salesians of Don Bosco, and several industrial and business leaders of Los Angeles. Together they founded the Don Bosco Technical Institute with the intention of providing students with the skills and competencies they needed to thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving technological environment – in college and beyond.

Since that founding, the Tech has maintained its status as the nation’s only fully integrated Catholic, college-preparatory and engineering-science-technology focused high school. Its 28-acre campus is home to high school academic majors that include Architecture and Construction Engineering; Biological, Medical, and Environmental Technology; Computer Science and Electrical Engineering; Integrated Design, Engineering, and Art; Material Science, Engineering and Technology; and Media Arts and Technology.

Now, the time has come for the Don Bosco Technical Institute to look boldly into the future – to build upon the strong academic foundation of our school community – and to fully examine our role in the Greater Los Angeles region, our relentless pursuit of a rigorous, meaningful, and nationally unique academic program, our bold enhancement of our physical plant, and the financial vitality to deepen our commitment to continuous advancement, access, and achievement.