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Counseling Services

Guidance is a continuing program at this institute, and all members of the staff and faculty participate in the program. The Institute believes it is very important that the student has available to him a well coordinated guidance program to assist him in his personal, social, educational, and career development.

Academic Guidance:

Support services are provided for students who are having difficulty achieving at a level consistent with their own abilities or with the minimum academic standards of the Institute. The service’s focus is in assisting the student in identifying and removing obstacles to learning and developing the skills necessary for effective performance in school. For further information, contact the appropriate counselor or the department chair(s) for those subject areas in which the student is experiencing difficulty.

College Guidance:

Programs and services are offered to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans which are compatible with their life goals. These services include assistance in choosing the right college, selecting a college major, completing applications, etc. In addition, services are provided to assist students and their families in locating scholarships, grants, and other sources of financial aid as students apply to colleges and universities. For further information, contact your counselor.

Career Guidance:

Assistance is provided to students in developing and effectively initiating and implementing career plans. Services are designed to help students identify their interests and abilities, discover the opportunities available to them through their technology, learn about the world of work, make tentative career choices and plans. Most career guidance activities occur in conjunction with the student’s technology department.

Personal Counseling:

Individual, group, and family counseling services are available on campus to students and their families through Outreach Concern. Contact Mr. Currie at or 626-940-2013

To learn more about these services, contact your Academic Counselor.

Freshman & International Students: Mrs. Catherine Diaz,,  626-940-2010

Sophomores and Juniors: Mr. Paul Ortiz,, 626-940-2036

Seniors: Mr. AJ Pimentel,, 626-940-2084

Director of Counseling: Mr. Bob Currie,, 626-940-2013

Outreach Concern Consent Form (English & Spanish)
Outreach Concern Consent Form (English & Spanish)
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