STEM Program

Leading in STEM Education for 60 Years

Bosco Tech’s unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum offers fully integrated applied sciences and engineering coursework integrated with rigorous college-prep academics. Our students explore advanced scientific and mathematical concepts and their cross-curricular, practical applications in our expansive tech centers:

We strongly believe that a positive formation in STEM education is the foundation for a successful university experience and postgraduate profession.

Science — Bosco Tech’s advanced science program includes UC system A-G compliant coursework layered with a diversity of rigorous Advanced Placement and honors courses that effectively prepare our students for university STEM programs.

Technology — Sixty thousand square feet of technology-centered laboratory space provides ample opportunity for our students to explore the many applications of science, math and engineering through project-based learning.

Engineering — Preparing students for one of the fastest growing college majors, our engineering coursework demonstrates the critical integration of science and math, using applied technology, to guide our students into engineering their futures.

Mathematics — Success in math is considered by educators to be among the most crucial predictors of success in college. Our mathematics program allows students to fully apply what they learn in our college-prep curriculum that culminates with AP Calculus AC and BC.