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Featuring rigorous college preparatory and Advanced Placement curriculum couple with a uniquely-focused technology sequence, Tech academics features a course of study that is the only fully integrated Catholic, college preparatory, and engineering-science-technology focused curriculum in the United States.

Click below for a sample course of study for each of your son’s four years with us. for more information, view the full College Preparatory course listing by clicking here.

For the full 2023-2024 Course Catalog, please click here.

Sample Course of Study

Technology Majors 

Bosco Tech is the only Catholic high school in the nation that integrates a rigorous academic curriculum with a project-based engineering and technology program. Our goal is cultivating engineers and technicians who live by sound ethical standards that prepare and motivate them to pursue advanced study and, ultimately, careers in engineering, science, and technology. This goal aligns Bosco Tech’s technology curriculum with the present-day needs of the industrial workforce.

Bosco Tech is proud to offer six unique technology majors dealing with different engineering areas of study: