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Students work together in lab

A practical complement to Bosco Tech’s lab work and classroom lectures is a summer internship, a hands-on experience working in a STEM-related industry. These invaluable practicums provide an opportunity for rising seniors to work under the mentorship of scientists and engineers in the real world.

Bosco Tech students have interned at such companies and organizations as The Boeing Company, Kaiser Permanente, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Tech alumni have been instrumental in providing many of the vital experiences. Many have been invited to continue the work relationship in subsequent summers after graduation and through college.

Prior to embarking on the internships, students undergo extensive training in everything from workplace etiquette to network- ing to resume writing. Upon completion, participants who submit a detailed written report can earn class credit. Many students return to campus with great experiences and a new insight into their future university majors and career plans.

Recent Internships

Personally, I think that all Juniors should consider applying for an internship. They allow you to develop your professional appearance and to build relationships with other people who are in a career or field that you would be interested in going into.Current Senior