Alumni Association

Since 1975, a governing board of alumni representatives has been committed to fostering a spirit of fraternity among current and future Techmen.

The primary focus is to encourage Salesian growth among students and alumni. They also facilitate mentorship and internship opportunities for our students as well as promote business relationships.

Please contact Board President Jose Rios ( for more information about how you can become involved in upcoming activities.

Alumni Association Meeting is held every month on the second Wednesday at 6:00 pm in the library. All alumni are welcome to join us!


Steve Hernandez, GC '88President
Jose Rios, AU '88Vice President
Don Gibbs, DR '69Secretary
Marc Meehan, CS '08Treasurer
Jose Rios, AU '88Immediate Past President
Br. John Rasor, SDB, ME '62Spiritual Advisor
Viki BattagliaDirector of Alumni Relations


Vince Barraza, DR '83Michael Franco, PT '98
Herman Chan, MT '83Larry Lazar, PH '76
Lawrence Cheung, MS '95Mark Lopez, MT '83
Ignacio Corrales, DR '67Nick Mansur, EL '71
Will Cosso, MSET '18Algis Marciuska, BT '82
Aaron Dominguez, MSET '19Alejandro Martinez, ME '85
Manuel Franco, PH '71Roberto Sanchez, MT '99