Bosco Tech is pleased to welcome students back to campus safely with a special hybrid model of instruction.  Now that Los Angeles County has achieved “Orange Tier” status, Bosco Tech has prepared COVID-19 guidelines that align with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Reopening Protocols.  For our school schedule through the end of the year, please click here.  Also, check below to review our Safer Covid-19 Safety Plan, 2021 Covid-19 School Guidance ChecklistCAL OSHA Covid-19 Prevention Program, and LACDPH Re-Opening Protocol for Schools.  Please check regularly as safety documents and plans are updated.  (updated 4/21)



Daily Screening App

These are the instructions to download and use the School Wellness Screener/Bosco Tech Health Screener app.  Please contact the school if you have any questions.

(1) Download the app School Wellness Screener (look for the green circle) from your app store for your operating system (iOS or Android).  

(2) Create a new account:  enter your school-ID as boscotech-9924 and create a new account. 

(3) Account Set-Up- Select account type:  Student or Parent/Guardian.  It is up to you if you would like your son to download the app on his own.

(4) Enter the primary email address and full name of the account holder.

(5) Add Child (student) – Important Note for Parent/Guardian account: Only have one family member register on behalf of your child, and ensure all of your children are added upon initial registration. An additional family member may use your login information to access the account; you will need to go to Settings on the home screen-> Share with Family -> Enter their information. They will receive instructions by email on how to connect to your account.  

(6) Return to Bosco Tech Health Screener Home Page. (pictured at left)

(7) Select Take Screener and answer the questions daily prior to going to school.

(8) Your son will receive a Cleared (green) screen or Issue/Not Cleared screen (red). 

(9) Select QR code and your son’s name to view QR code to show upon arrival at school.


Public Health Videos

To better assist our students in ways to stop the spread of Covid-19, we have included some videos from the Center for Disease Control.

CDC: COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs                            CDC: Wear a Mask to Protect You and Your Friends



CDC: School Reopening with COVID-19                                   CDC: General Public: Care for Yourself



Additional Resources

Below are links regarding COVID-19.

For information from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, click here.

For information from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, click here.

For information from the Center for Disease Control, click here.

The information found on these websites is brought to you as a resource and was not written by Bosco Tech or its employees.


Bosco Tech Students are Using Technology Skills to Help Medical Professionals


Students in Bosco Tech’s Integrated Design, Engineering & Art (IDEA) technology program have designed and are producing, via the school’s 3D printers, face shields for those in the medical field who are potentially exposed to COVID-19 in their work.

The talented high school students have already created 10 shields, from senior Alejandro Pina’s own design, and are working to quickly produce several hundred more for the local medical community. Each shield is inscribed with a message of gratitude from the school to the doctor or nurse who will wear it.

The shortage of protective face coverings was something IDEA Chairman Luis Garza’s family knows firsthand. Mr. Garza’s sister, Dr. Judy Garza, a local doctor, shared her concern for the shortage with him and he, in turn, discussed it with his students. The students, who are currently engaged in distance learning, got right to work.

“Our students wanted to do something,” said Mr. Garza. “They have advanced skills for high school students and access to rapid prototype technology. It was a natural fit for them to use what they know to help. After Alejandro’s design was refined, his classmate, Maverick Henry, printed and cut the shield components on a CNC router. These kids produced something amazing while working safely and practicing social distancing.”

“At this time, we’re only limited by the amount of PLA, or polylactic acid we have,” said Mr. Garza of the plastic needed to print the protective gear. “We’d like to produce many more face shields and are asking alumni and friends to consider donating or sharing supplies.”

If you would like to donate or supply PLA for more shields, please click on the Donate button below.

Contact Mr. Garza at for more information about the project.

Special thanks to Br. Tom Mass, IDEA instructor who guided the students through the process, and Mr. Son Nguyen, owner of BNSONS Large Format Printing & Graphics, who donated the essential clear shield. Also, many thanks to Mr. Chris Miller, COO of The Paton Group, who has supplied PLA material, and to MakerBot who just sent word that they will also be donating PLA. With the help of our community, many health care professionals will stay safer in their work!