Dress Code

Students are expected to be in Ordinary Dress Code from 7:30 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. during school days, whether they are in class or not, unless otherwise designated by the school. Clothing must be neat, clean and in good condition (not worn or torn).


Daily School Uniform:

  • Black or Khaki Dickies pants (NO cargo pockets, only a cell phone pocket).
  • Black or Khaki Dickies shorts (NO cargo pockets, only a cell phone pocket).
  • Polo shirt with school logo.
  • Shoes must be in good condition, no canvas converse shoes or checkered patterns. Shoes must be no more than two colors; white is a neutral color (no outlandish colors, ex: neon colors).
  • Shoes must have laces; no slip-ons.
  • Always wear a belt.
  • No athletic clothing (shorts, sweats, warm-up suits, sleeveless shirts etc.).

Formal Dress:

  • Solid color or pinstripe dress shirt and tie.
  • Dress or uniform pants No jeans- If it has steel studs it‘s a jean.
  • Dress shoe or a Solid Black tennis shoe.
  • Belt or black suspenders.
  • Must stay in formal dress all day.

Relaxed Dress:

  • Shorts must have belt loops and pockets however; you do not have to wear a belt.
  • Shirts should be free from any munitions, violence and or poor taste.
  • Clothing should be in good condition free from “RIPS, HOLES OR TEARS”
  • Belts must NOT have studs on them.
  • No buttons or pins allowed.
  • No athletic clothing (shorts, sweats, warm-up suits, sleeveless shirts etc.).


  • Hair and facial hair should be cut and shaven in accordance to the Handbook
  • No earrings or paraphernalia at anytime during school
  • Shorts length must not exceed 1” below the knee cap
  • Solid color belts must be worn at all times with a 1” belt buckle, no sports belts allowed
  • School uniform must be in good condition.
  • Bags should be clean, free of graffiti and have no buttons or patches on them.
  • Jackets and sweatshirts must be Bosco wear, College or University.