Message From the Salesian Director 12/2014

Father Chinh-Bosco Tech Salesian Director
Father Chinh-Bosco Tech Salesian Director

Hello Bosco Tech Family and Friends!

I hope this message finds you in good spirits with all the holy men and women of God. Let me take a moment to remind all of us about November, before moving into December and the traditional Christmas celebrations.

November is a month, in the Catholic Church, when we remember those who have gone on before us. We continue to remember our loved ones with a sense of thankfulness and ask them to bring our prayers to God. We also celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November. Giving thanks is always appropriate!

As we now move into the season of Advent, let us examine what it really is. Advent is known as a time of waiting and anticipating, but for whom? Jesus is the answer; His coming into our lives and world and his returning as a judge for our redemption.

We often hear “Jesus is the reason for the season.” How true is that statement for you? Jesus is the Word of God’s wisdom and revelation.

So, what is Christmas and why are we celebrating it? Too often we allow our vision to be limited by what we can see in this world. We define our lives according to our everyday responsibilities, challenges, and problems rather than lifting our eyes to heaven. Look beyond these distractions to see Jesus who is the foundation for our ‘home.’ He is Emmanuel—God is with us! Jesus is our love, peace and the light to guide our ways. May the celebration of Christmas this year bring you a sense of peace for the journey.

Yours in Jesus Christ and Don Bosco,
Fr. Chinh Nguyen, SDB
Salesian Director