Integral Student Outcomes

A Bosco Tech graduate is…

Spiritually Aware

A Bosco Tech graduate shows knowledge of the Scriptures, doctrines, and practices of the Catholic Church, with an understanding of the role that prayer plays in a life of faith. He is able to make moral decisions based on a well-formed conscience and is committed to the service of others in the Salesian spirit of loving kindness.

Academically Prepared

A Bosco Tech graduate is equipped to succeed in a four-year college program. He has acquired the skills and knowledge of a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum; is able to research, analyze, evaluate and connect information; and has developed effective strategies that facilitate life-long learning.

Technologically Distinguished

A Bosco Tech graduate is well prepared to enter a college program in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. He thinks critically and responds creatively in applying science and technology to solve problems and develop new ideas.

An Effective Communicator

A Bosco Tech graduate presents information and expresses ideas clearly, effectively, and persuasively through speaking, writing and the use of a variety of presentation technologies.

An Emerging Leader

A Bosco Tech graduate has the attributes and skills that facilitate leadership and effective collaboration, including: integrity, self-discipline, work ethic, planning, time management, delegation, and conflict resolution.

A Responsible Citizen

A Bosco Tech graduate works toward the development of a just society. He recognizes the importance of active citizenship and understands the global nature of many social problems.