Welcome from the Principal

Xavier Jimenez - Bosco Tech President

In the daily process of educating young people, it is important to recognize and appreciate the crucial united efforts of instructors and families to provide a nurturing, caring and effective environment for students.

I’m proud to teach alongside instructors who are second to none and who embody the Salesian principles of upholding the well being of students above all else. The lessons they are imparting are invaluable touchstones that these students will long remember.

In the same way, our instructors could not do what they do without the cooperation of parents who are giving their sons the best opportunity to learn and succeed. We are mindful of, and grateful, for their continued partnership in our mission.

The product of these joint efforts is evident in the students who are graduating from Bosco Tech, going on to further their education, and taking their rightful place in society as positive contributors and successful individuals.

In appreciation,

Xavier Jimenez