Memo Gutierrez - Bosco Tech President

A Message from the President

It’s my honor to welcome you to the start of our 65th academic year. The 2019-2020 year is an important milestone in the ongoing fulfilment of the long-ago dream of Cardinal James McIntyre. Decades ahead of his time, the Cardinal foresaw the needs of today’s professional world and more, society, with his vision of Bosco Tech. He and the Salesians of St. John Bosco created a school that would produce a new type of labor leadership in Los Angeles, an area exploding in growth at the forefront of the aeronautical age.

The goal was to educate engineers and technicians possessing sound ethical standards and management potential to enter industry or enroll in college upon graduation; these young men were to be prepared to lead amidst the rigors of rapidly developing industries.

Today, the Tech is the only all-male Catholic high school in the nation that integrates a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with a comprehensive university-modeled, project-based applied science, engineering and technology program. Our consistent goal remains cultivating students who are prepared and motivated to pursue advanced study and, ultimately, careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This is a natural evolution of the original mission of the school, appropriately realigned with today’s needs in industry and technology.

Current students, and those in the generations before them, have benefitted immeasurably from the vision that guided Cardinal McIntyre and the Salesians, and the precepts upon which the school’s cornerstone was laid. We are incredibly proud of our students who are making the most of every opportunity:

• 100% of the Class of 2019 earned college acceptances, with many attending top universities such as John Hopkins University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, the University of Notre Dame and Loyola Marymount University with generous financial packages.

• 22 rising seniors completed prestigious summer internships, under the mentorship of engineers, architects, doctors and attorneys, providing them with practical experience in professional and STEM fields.

• Our largest freshman class in several years, comprised of 113 ambitious, bright and hardworking young men, successfully completed the freshman summer program and are gearing up for their time at the Tech in the coming weeks.

• A recent overview of our faculty shows that the Tech’s dedicated and esteemed faculty has an average of 18 years of teaching experience and an average of 13 years teaching at Bosco Tech. Since 2014, we have seen an increase in the number of teachers with advanced degrees by 33%. More than half of our faculty hold master’s degrees and 5% have their doctoral degrees. Their dedication is a reflection of the Salesian principals of educating the young.

• Our long-anticipated Biological, Medical & Environmental Technology (BMET) classes have begun. Uniquely integrating biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, BMET students will explore several areas including genetic and pharmaceutical advancements, environmental awareness, agricultural developments, biomedical informatics, bio manufacturing, health care improvements, and social responsibility.

This is a very exciting time in Tech history! As we move in to the Fall semester, it’s my prayer and the prayer of our faculty and staff that the academic year ahead be one of great educational, personal and spiritual growth for each student, and that the lessons learned through the coming year would be positive, impactful and lasting. We are extremely grateful to our forward-thinking predecessors as we eagerly anticipate the new school year!

In the spirit of St. John Bosco

Mr. Memo Gutierrez (AU ‘83)


Welcome from the Salesian Director

“God alone is the source and giver of knowledge.”

Bosco Tech is very pleased to welcome back to campus Fr. Chinh Nguyen, SDB, who has been named our Salesian Director. Fr. Chinh served as Director at the Tech from 2012 to 2015, prior to pastoring at Saint Dominic Savio parish in Bellflower for the past four years.

As a Catholic community, our shared faith is a vital component of who we are, and guiding young people in their spiritual growth is the underpinning upon which our curriculum is based. The important role of the Salesian Director is to help maintain that focus on the Lord and His plan for the individual and for our school. Fr. Chinh’s presence on campus and his ministry style will be a great blessing to students, faculty, staff, and families.

Fr. Chinh brings a practical approach to spirituality on the campus; as a onetime Vocation Director for the Salesians of the western U.S. province, he understands that all people are called to ministry, not only those in religious communities or parish priests in dioceses or faith communities.

He has served at St. John Bosco, Salesian High School (both in Boyle Heights and in Richmond), at St.Dominic Savio parish, and at Bosco Tech. In working with youth, he has served as Coordinator of Youth Ministry and taught religion. Fr. Chinh completed intensive post-novitiate study and completed a bachelor’s degree in sociology at Seton Hall University in New Jersey and a master’s degree in divinity at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. His ability to relate to young people and his wise instruction will make him a popular asset to the Tech.

Let's welcome Fr. Chinh home!

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