As we begin the school year, we know our families have many questions. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list is meant to provide some of those answers. This one document can’t answer every question (although we tried), but remember that there are teachers, counselors, and staff ready, willing and able to help. Just ask!

For more information on any of these topics, contact:

Or call the switch board 8am-4pm daily: 626-940-2000 (voice mail available for after hours inquiries) or email generalinfo@boscotech.edu

Remember, starting a new school year is inherently stressful. Adding the restrictions of a global pandemic to that formula can magnify the difficulty and strain. Working together, we can do this. The faculty and staff of Bosco Tech want every student to have a successful start of the year and to know that we have their back!

What do I do if I am going to miss class because of being sick or attending an important appointment?

Call the school’s Attendance Line (626-940-2002) before 9:00AM to leave a message notifying about any class absence, even if for only part of the school day. In addition to information about the absence, the parent or guardian must give their name, the student’s full name, ID number and a phone number for a callback. You can also email the school (generalinfo@boscotech.edu) to leave a detailed message.

I have a doctor’s appointment and will miss only one class. Do I contact my teacher or the Attendance Office?

Both. The attendance office should know so they can excuse the absence, but the teacher needs to be aware so that they can verify that you received any necessary files, assignments, links, etc.

My wi-fi is down. Do I have a parent report it as an absence?

Yes. Also, if you can use a mobile device to email, send a message(s) to your teacher(s), letting them know of the issue. Please include your academic counselor (as a cc:) in that email.

What do I do if a teacher doesn’t email me back right away?

Please be patient, especially at the beginning of the school year, because your teachers currently are managing a lot of different issues. If you need to reach a teacher immediately, contact your academic counselor for assistance. For grades 9 and 12, email Mr. Ray Chavez (rchavez@boscotech.edu); for grades 10 and 11, please contact Mr. Paul Ortiz (portiz@boscotech.edu).

What if I have to help a younger sibling while I am in class?

Email your teachers and let them know if there are additional demands on you during class time. Although this doesn’t excuse homework assignments or deadlines, it is helpful for your teacher to be aware of your personal situation.

Can I eat meals during my class?

This is considered poor online etiquette; please finish meals before or after class time. It is okay to have a drink with you and small snacks can be discreetly consumed, but only in a way that will not distract anyone else in the class.

I can’t log into my Google Classroom or a Google Meet session, even though I am using Google Chrome as my browser.

First, check that you are logging into the correct email address. Bosco Tech is part of what is called the G-Suite for Education. For this to work properly, you need to be logged into Google Chrome using your Bosco Tech assigned @boscotech.net email account. A common mistake is to be initially logged into Chrome using a different email account and then switch to your Bosco Tech email. Chrome will still be logged into the non-Bosco Tech email address, even though you are viewing your Bosco Tech email account. Click here to view an infographic example. This may prevent you from accessing your school account.

Are we still using the same class schedule as last year?

Sort of. Your personal schedule of classes is still divided into 8 periods, called A1-A4 and B1-B4. These are organized into 4 periods per day, which we call A-days and B-days. During distance learning, A-days will be on Monday and Thursday; B-days will be on Tuesday and Friday. (Click here to view the Typical Daily Class Schedule.) Wednesdays will alternate each week between being an A- or B-day, except during weeks when there are less than 5 school days or the “Special Wednesday” schedule is moved for other reasons. Periods are a little shorter during distance learning, but more support and help sessions have been added.

What is the bell schedule this year?

Although we obviously won't have bells while we are distance learning, the daily schedule is still referred to as a “bell schedule.” Click here to view the Typical Daily Class Schedule.

How long will we be on distance learning?

There are many factors that will weigh into the decision to welcome students back to campus, either partially or the entire student body. We are closely following information released through the Los Angeles County Public Health Office, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and the state governor. As they describe a change in the “stage” of reopening, we will share plans with our families about a return to campus.

Does Bosco Tech have plans to bring some of the student body back?

Bosco Tech has been developing various plans to bring students back on campus either part-time (also called a hybrid schedule) or full time. The decision of when to bring students back will depend on several factors and will be based on information released through the LA Archdiocese, the LA County Department of Health and from officials of the State of California. The final timing, plan, and decision will consider the safety of our students, our faculty and staff. If we can bring a smaller number of students safely back on campus first, we have a plan for that option, too.

How is attendance taken during distance learning?

Teachers are taking attendance twice every class period, once at the beginning of class and a second time at a random time later in the period. A student should be ready to turn on his camera/microphone and both verbally and visually respond to an attendance roll call. If a student is missing for both check-ins, he will be marked absent by the teacher. If he is missing for one of the check-ins, he will be marked tardy. These marks are reported to the Dean of Student Services, who prepares a report card attendance grade for students. Officially excused absences do not count against a student’s attendance grade.

Is there a dress code during distance learning?

Yes. Students are expected to wear a Bosco Tech approved collared shirt. Typically, this is a uniform shirt, but students may also wear polo shirts from various athletic, club or service groups they may belong to, or the Bosco Tech formal shirt. T-shirts are not acceptable. Also, students are expected to be well groomed for every class period. This is why teachers are requiring a visual check-in for attendance. Students will be awarded relaxed dress days periodically.

The laptop I am using at home is older and doesn’t run very well. What should I do?

Many computers and laptops that have a few years on them can still work effectively if their operating system is maintained. Before you consider throwing the older device out, try fixing some common system performance issues. Click here for a link to an article that explains 14 things you can do to speed up an old laptop or PC using Windows 10, 8 or 7. Some of these suggestions maybe seem a little intimidating to try, but suggestions #1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 12 from the article aren't too technical. Always perform #9 last. 

Two mistakes commonly made are storing files on the desktop and keeping old files in the Recycle Bin. This takes away from your computer's RAM memory, which definitely slows down the system operations. Remember to:

  1. get files off your laptop's desktop (shortcuts you may have don't slow down the computer, but storing program files like a Word document or spreadsheet on the desktop does); and 
  2. empty the Recycle Bin regularly.
Does Bosco Tech have computers or laptops that can be loaned to students?

The school does not normally stockpile computers to lend or rent out. That said, at various times we may have some older computing machines that can be temporarily loaned to students. Contact your technology department to see if they have any available.

My internet connection at home doesn’t seem to be very fast. What can I do?

Before discussing with technology teachers or one of the school counselors any perceived internet problems at home, students are encouraged to first run an internet speed test. This is easy to do: open the Google browser, type Internet Speed Test on the search line and press enter. The test will appear; follow the instructions. Ideally, you want to have internet speeds of at least 30Mbps for downloads and about half that for uploads. 

If your internet access is slow, first make sure your computer is not wasting memory on unnecessary processes. Review the suggestions from the FAQ “The laptop I am using at home is older and doesn’t run very well. What should I do?” to clean up your computer’s memory. 

Laptops are connected to the internet in one of two ways, either directly by a data (ethernet) cable or through wifi. You should determine if the wifi router you are using is slowing down your internet feed. This is easy enough. Turn off your laptop’s wifi connection (turn on “airplane mode”) and connect your laptop directly to your internet modem with an ethernet cable. Run the internet speed test. Then, disconnect the ethernet cable, turn your wifi back on and rerun the speed test. This is valuable information to know when trying to diagnose the cause of a slow internet connection.   

Finally, contact your internet provider and ask them to remotely check the speed of the internet entering your home. If the numbers are poor, ask them how can that be improved. This may include upgrading your internet plan. 

For more suggestions on improving your internet connection, click here and here for two articles on home networks.

My internet seems to run better with some online programs than others. How do I fix that?

Remember that what you see as a poor internet connection (for example, your teacher’s video feed breaking up) could actually be the internet connection of another person or your teacher on your video conference. This could vary with different video conference platforms. This may require a bit more research to determine the actual cause.

My Bosco Tech classes are requiring me to use video conferencing for every class. What does my computer need for that?

Because Bosco Tech is a subscriber to the G-Suite for Education, everything you need should be included in your Bosco Tech Google account. Teachers are mostly using one of two different video platforms; either Google Meet or Zoom. Your G-Suite account gives you access to Google Meet. You may want to download a free Zoom account to make connecting to those classes easier.

Do Bosco Tech teachers use Google Classroom?

Yes. Bosco Tech is a subscriber to G-Suite for Education, which Google Classroom is a part of. All teachers use Google Classroom as the primary tool for organizing class materials, assigning and collecting homework, and tracking scores.

I heard that Zoom was an easy video conference platform to hack. Should I be concerned?

Early in 2020, Zoom was notorious for being hacked by unwanted visitors to their meetings. Since then, the company that provides that service has tightened their security significantly and made hacking into a video conference much more difficult. With your classes, the only persons who can join a Zoom video conference are ones the teacher has invited in.

How do I access Google Classroom for my classes?

This is very easy through your Google account. Open Chrome, log onto your Bosco Tech Google account, and open any Google page. Go to the app launcher (the nine dots in a square pattern in the upper right hand corner), and find the Google Classroom app. This will take you directly to your Google School, with all of your classes tiled in one place.   

If you are having trouble accessing your G-Suite apps, review the FAQ titled “I can’t log into my Google Classroom or a Google Meet session, even though I am using Google Chrome as my browser”.

Where can I get help on using Google sheets and docs? How about turning in school work other than by email?

The best place to get help for using Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, or any other content platform, and how to submit assignments, is from your teacher. If you don’t ask during the regular class session, use the 15-minute support session at the end of every class period for these questions, or login to one of your teachers after school help sessions. If you require additional assistance, contact your academic counselor and he will help or direct you to help.

Is there a Student Handbook?

Yes, it can be found online at the school’s website (www.boscotech.edu) under the Student Life tab. Because of vendor issues with COVID-19 and distance learning, it is not being commercially printed, but special pages for recording and tracking homework can be downloaded and printed at home, as you need them.

Can I check my grades online?

Yes. Bosco Tech adopted a new Student Information System (SIS) early in 2020, with the official launch intended for June 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis seriously delayed the rollout of the new SIS to August/September. Parents and students can access grades using their standard  FACTS account login. Teachers will be entering scores beginning in early September.

Do my regular college preparatory classes use the same grading scale as honors or AP (Advanced Placement) classes?

UC Honors or AP courses are awarded a 1.0 GPA boost for grades of C or better. Click here to view the full percentage scale for both regular college preparatory and AP/honors classes.

Does Bosco Tech use +/- grades on its report cards?

Yes. Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, Bosco Tech is returning to awarding +/- grades on report cards. Click here to view the full percentage scale for both regular college preparatory and AP/honors classes.

What about campus clubs, organizations, and sports?

Many clubs and organizations are still meeting, collecting members, and making plans for both online and, later, in person activities. Contact Mr. Herrera in Student Activities for contact information for these organizations.

Will I still be able to apply for membership in honor societies like NHS and NHHS?

Of course! Honor society service groups are finding ways to perform community service online and to meet to discuss plans for the future. Contact Mr. Herrera in Student Activities for contact information for these organizations.

What about things like school picture day and senior portraits?

School pictures will be taken over a four-day period of time, from 3:00-6:00pm, in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). Students will come in by grade level:

  • Monday, August 31 - freshmen 
  • Tuesday, September 1 - sophomores
  • Wednesday, September 2 - juniors 
  • Thursday, September 3 - seniors 

Look to your email for instructions as to how each grade level will be broken up into smaller groups to avoid any large gatherings. 

Senior portraits are coordinated through LifeTouch Photography. Contact Mr. Herrera (rherrera@boscotech.edu) in student activities for information on how to schedule your son’s senior portrait appointment.

Where can I get information about class rings and letterman jackets?

Class rings are purchased during a student’s junior year through a company called Herff Jones. This is organized through student activities; please contact Mr. Herrera (rherrera@boscotech.edu) for more information.  

Letterman jackets are purchased through C&L Jackets. Contact Athletic Director Vince Nolasco (vnolasco@boscotech.edu) for more information.

What about senior privileges during distance learning?

Using their ASB officers as spokespersons, seniors should collaborate and present a list of suggested senior privileges to Mr. Plantillas for review. These can include some privileges during distance learning and others that would take effect once we return to campus.

Will there still be presentations by various university representatives during distance learning?

Yes! The Bosco Tech Counseling Department is hard at work scheduling online college visits and presentations, such as the important grade level College Information Nights that occur early in the school year. The virtual environment actually lends itself well to the convenient distribution of materials about college and college representatives will be on hand to speak and answer questions. Calendared dates and times for these presentations will continue; Zoom or Google Meet links will be sent out prior to these sessions.