Freshman Summer Program

Bosco Tech Class of 2019 Freshman Studies Program

July 3-August 4, 2017
7:45am- 1:45pm

              *Class of 2022               June 25-July 27, 2018


Through the unique Freshman Summer Program (FSP), Bosco Tech students begin the first phase of their ninth-grade year early to best prepare for the academic and technological demands of the school’s college-prep, STEM-based curriculum. The FSP combines math and language arts coursework with an introduction to engineering and applied sciences, and a student success overview (featuring study skills, computer applications, and a high school success class that even looks ahead to university entrance requirements). Each freshman also studies the tenets of the Salesian system of education, upon which the school was founded.

Bosco Tech’s integrated academic and applied science program is uniquely rigorous, demanding that students are working to their full potential. By focusing heavily on the mathematics and language arts elements of the ninth-grade curriculum, instructors can better identify and assess students’ academic strengths and learning styles while completing the initial components of the freshman coursework.

Additionally, the students gain a clear understanding of the STEM-based technology majors they will be choosing to study for their remaining years at Bosco Tech before the fall semester begins for other class years. And it provides them with the opportunity to adjust to the high school experience early and enter a comfort zone not usually enjoyed until later in the school year.

This program is mandatory for all incoming freshman. A student is welcome to participate in the sports camps after FSP, as the programs do not conflict. All materials are provided during the summer program.

Period 1 7:45-9:25am Engineering/Applied Science Modules
Period 2 9:35 -10:50am English/Mathematics Sections
Period 3 11:00-12:15pm English/Mathematics Sections
Period 4 12:45-1:45pm Student Success Modules

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office  at  626-940-2011 or

Freshman Preview (PPT)
Freshman Preview (PPT)
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