Getting Ready for Fall!

Letters from the Principal

School starts on Monday, August 17.  Please click here to see our Principal’s plan for distance learning as we head back to school. (Last updated 8-4-2020).  To hear Mr. Krynen’s announcement via YouTube, click here.

To get a better understanding of what California schools are looking at for the new school year, click here for a report from the California Public Health Department, with input from the California Department of Education.

There are many initial items to consider before school starts, including math placement, course lists, books and uniforms.  Please click here more for information.  (Last updated 6-29-2020)

 School Schedule

For the school schedule for the first week of school, check here.  For the schedule beginning August 24 and continuing, check here(Last updated 6-29-2020)

Uniform Information

Bosco Tech school uniforms are available through aUniform.  To promote safety and make uniform ordering easy, all sales will be conducted online.  To learn about the uniform, sales dates and how to register online, click here.  To view the uniform catalog and the order form, please click here.

Don’t miss out on the special offer of receiving a free zippered or pullover sweatshirt with a minimum purchase.  For more information and complete details click here.

Do you have questions regarding Bosco Tech’s uniform guidelines?  Read Mr. Plantillas’ dress code information letter here.

Book List

For information on required books for the 2020/2021 school year, review the list here.