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Tech Fund 2021-2022: Every Student, Every Day.


Your gift to the Tech Fund allows for so much to happen every day. Every gift - no matter the size - is crucial to keeping Tech's program at the cutting edge of Catholic, college prep, engineering-science-technology education in the United States.

What does the Tech Fund do?
It keeps Tech at the forefront of education in the country. It allows Tech to defray the large costs of constantly updating our state-of-the-art, nationally unique programs.  It helps us make sure we can keep tuition at an affordable level for our families - helping our students break barriers and become leaders in engineering, science, and technology.

Each year, Tech is blessed to receive over $1.5 million in philanthropic support to offset these costs.

The Tech Fund helps every student, every day.
Tech's affordable tuition - $12,600 - is over $5,000 less than the cost to educate a Techman. That gap is bridged by generous alumni, friends, and foundation partners who believe that no one should be denied a world-class education because of economic limitations. Your gift ensures that Tech can remain strong, yet affordable for our families.

We humbly ask for your generous support. Click here to learn more about how you can give to the Tech Fund.

Tech Fund 2021-2022 Information

For more information or to discuss your gift, please contact:

Phil Consuegra,
Vice President for Development and Strategic Initiatives

(626) 940-2028