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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Quick reminders for the event:

✔ NO CALCULATORS or electronic devices can be used during the test (there will be paper and pencils).

✔ The test is completed by an individual. Any cheating, talking, or use of any type of electronic device will disqualify a student and possibly the team.

✔ Wear comfortable clothes (jeans, khakis, school polo, school sweater/sweatshirt, uniform, represent your school).

✔ Parents/guardians/teachers/moderators CANNOT sit in the testing areas, but are welcome to walk around campus or join us at the food court.

✔ Parents/guardians/teachers/moderators are invited to join “Math Talk” presented by Michael Hattar in our Library.

✔ Food will be sold from 8:00-11:30 AM on a cash basis; No outside food allowed (juice, muffins, bagels, hot dogs, etc…).

The competition is rapidly approaching and we are very proud to be hosting students from over 30 different schools!

Check-in begins at 8:00 AM and all participants must be checked-in by 8:45 AM. Any late arrivals will not be allowed to take the exam. The moderator, teacher, parent or guardian listed on the registration form is the ONLY person that can check-in the team or individual. There must always be a moderator, teacher, parent or guardian present for each representing school or for an individual participant.

Please review the “Direction and Parking” sheet and use the address listed on that sheet to provide accurate directions to where participants need to enter Bosco Tech.

The Math Competition test will begin at 9:00 AM.

We invite all friends and family to join us for the Awards Ceremony at 11:00 AM in the gymnasium. There will be giveaways throughout the ceremony. In celebration of our 45th Annual Mathematics Competition. Bosco Tech will be awarding the overall top team in each level a $250 award to support the school’s Mathematics Department.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 626-940-2009 or 626-940-2011.

Bosco Tech Mathematics Competition Official Rules

Don Bosco Technical Institute (Bosco Tech) Math Competition is an annual contest for boys and girls in grades 5-8. The goal of the competition is to encourage students’ interest in math, develop their problem solving skills, and inspire them to excel in math.

During the contest, students are given 60 minutes to solve 50 questions for Level 2 (grades 7-8) and 30 questions for Level 1 (grades 5-6). Many problems are designed to challenge students and to enrich their problem solving experiences. The questions are multiple-choice and answers are recorded on a machine scored sheet (Scantron).

No calculators or electronic devices can be used or present while the test is being administered. Use of any type of device, outside of the materials provided by the Bosco Tech Mathematics Department during the competition is automatic grounds for disqualification and removal from the testing area. Each participant must complete the test as an individual. Any participants sharing answers, passing notes, or talking during the test will be disqualified and removed from the testing area.

The problems are written by the faculty of the Bosco Tech Mathematics Department using past competition questions as a basis for new problems and the California Standards.

All participants must check-in before 8:45 AM. No late arrivals will be accepted, no exceptions. If paperwork is not complete or payment has not been received, the student(s) may not participate.

Once a participant enters the testing area, he or she may not leave the testing area for any reason. Please use the restroom before the test, participant will not be allowed to use the restroom once the test is in progress. If a participant finishes the test before the 60 minutes, he or she must sit quietly in his or her seat until the completion of the testing time.

First, second and third place will be awarded to both individuals and teams in two grade levels (5-6 and 7-8) and in two divisions (large and small school). School size was determined as part of registration for the competition, with “large” schools having 150 students or more in grades 5-8. Individual winners are determined by most correct answers, first, and fastest time, second. There is no partial credit or penalty for wrong answers. If two answers sheets have the same score and their completion time is within two minutes of each other, they will be considered a ‘tie’ (this is due to possible delays in collecting completed tests). A tie will be broken by those competitors completing a tie-breaker quiz that will be hand-scored.

A school can create a team with a minimum of four or more participants from the same school and level. The top four scores from a team will be added together to form the team score. A school may only field one team per level. In the event of a tie, the team with the highest individual score will win the tie. If the individuals with the highest scores have the same high score, then the second highest score from each team will be used as the tie-breaker. The determination of winners by the competition judges is final. Thank you for participating and we hope that this competition will spark and enlighten your students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. We wish you the best of luck and have fun!

Directions And Parking

Address to South Lot parking: (St. Joseph’s Salesian Youth Center) 8301 Arroyo Dr., Rosemead, CA 91770

If you are arriving in a bus, please use this parking lot.

The map below shows

The area for parking (PARK HERE)

where the test will take place (TECH HALL)

Check-in Stations

Awards Ceremony (GYM)


Please make sure to check-in before 8:45 AM.

Click here to open it on Google Map.

Bosco Tech Mathematics Competition 2019 Registration Form

Completed paperwork and payment can be submitted to:
Bosco Tech, Attention: Math Competition, 1151 San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770

Competition Requirements

Level 1: Boys and Girls in 5th & 6th grade
Level 2: Boys and Girls in 7th & 8th grade

Small School Division:

Less than 150 students in grades 5-8

Large School Division:

More than 150 students in grades 5-8

Team Sign-Up

Team(s) must have…
• a minimum of 4 members in the same level.
• maximum of 15 members in the same level.
• The cost of $15.00 per student is non-refundable.
• Schools can register one team per level and have a total of 2 teams.

Individual Sign-Ups

If a school cannot participate, but student(s) would like to compete, please have a parent or guardian complete this form. The cost is $15.00 per student and is non-refundable.

Contact Person's Name:*
Contact Person's Email Address:*
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Division: Small (less than 150 students in grades 5-8)Large (150 or more students in grades 5-8)
Level: Grades 5 & 6Grades 7 & 8


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