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What is Strength and Spirit?

strength /streNG(k)TH/ (noun): 1 the quality of being strong; 2 physical power; mental power, force, or vigor; 3 moral power, firmness, or courage; 4 power by reason of influence, authority, resources, numbers, etc.

spirit /spir-it/ (noun): 1 the principle of conscious life; 2 the vital principle in humans; the soul; 3 an attitude or principle that inspires; 4 the divine influence working in the human heart; 5 vigor, courage, firmness of intent; 6 the dominant tendency or character; 7 vigorous sense of membership in a group

Strength & Spirit

The strength and the spirit of Bosco Tech are the unique attributes that Techmen carry with them through life; they permeate the intangible bond out alumni share, having graduated from a uniquely rigorous program, in a setting that encourages the best in each student and recognizes the divine in each heart.


Bosco Tech's seven-decade history has proven that St. John Bosco's vision is timeless and effective. The foundational strength derived from that legacy, and the resulting successes of untold numbers of alumni, mandate us to expand our reach in order to offer the peerless experience of a Tech education to even more young people.


As a Catholic faith community, are inclusive and welcoming. Students are encouraged to develop their faith while seeking the Lord's presence and discovering their best selves. This is done in an environment that stresses the intrinsic vale of each soul, while promoting a brotherhood based on loyalty, support, and equity.


The spirit of the first Salesian oratory which saw young people being equipped for success in life -- spiritually, interpersonally, and professionally -- permeates today's campus, lessons, community outreach, and extra-curricular activities. The camaraderie and connection between alumni attest to the shared experience of being prepared to make a difference.

"The very strength and spirit that denote Bosco Tech are founded in its Salesian legacy of preparing young people to change their world. Not only do they enter their community from a position of knowledge, but they are prepared to lead and make a notable positive difference."

- John Krakowski DR '72,
Chairman, Board of Trustees