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Goal 2: A Campus for the Future

Improve and renew the physical facilities plant.

In order to support the academic program, it is essential that the physical plant is in its best possible condition, offering faculty and staff the best possible environment in which to engage and inspire their students.

Focusing on the demands of an evolving and perpetually changing world, it is vital that we assess and take account of the facilities currently offered, how we use them, and what additions or enhancements need to be made in order to position Bosco Tech as a regional and national leader in innovative and cutting edge secondary education.

And we will...

  • Engage in a facilities master planning process to assess current physical structures and look forward to what will be needed on campus
  • Work with the City of Rosemead to ensure any enhancements or expansion is done responsibly and with the community in mind.
  • Begin work on a new, industry-leading academic center to house the traditional college preparatory subject departments.

"Bosco Tech is really an incubator for innovation -- a place where advanced concepts are presented to students and they are given the means and the equipment to make the information their own. Keeping that learning environment engaging and effective is a priority."

- Jeff Krynen BT '81