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Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Expand and enhance the nationally-unique Bosco Tech curriculum – ensuring relevance, meaningfulness, and real-world skills and experience that has been a cornerstone of academic rigor for nearly 70 years.

Bosco Tech remains the only fully integrated Catholic, college-prep, engineering-science-technology focused high school in the United States. The academic program, fusing traditional subjects with technology majors that include architecture and construction, biomedical sciences, computer science, integrated design, material science, and media arts, prepares students for more than just college-level study.

Routinely, Bosco Tech graduates report that in reality, their careers started at Tech. With opportunities for internship and real-world experiences intentionally melded into the curriculum, Techmen seek out and find their passions early – and relentlessly pursue engagement for career growth and networking.

The future of high school education demands that students not just learn in a classroom on a campus, but branch out into real-world situations that allow them to create and participate in meaningful projects, work in teams, and hone their networking and career-development skills. Our academic program should reflect the most beneficial and meaningful project-based curriculum with encouragement to network both virtually and in-person with a diverse group of peers and leaders.

And we will…

  • Ensure that current educational offerings are relevant and meaningful.
  • Relentlessly pursue necessary enhancements to technology major programs.
  • Increase the number and variety of internship opportunities for students.
  • Create opportunities for students to obtain credentials beyond the high school level.