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Goal 3: Governance and Organization

Strengthen the governance and organizational capacity in order to better serve the community and establish Bosco Tech as an educational pillar in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

For decades, the state of California, and Los Angeles in particular, has been considered a hotbed for innovation, cutting-edge technology, economic opportunity, vibrant culture, and national leadership in independent education. With our nationally unique academic program, commitment to diverse access among several communities, and incredible alumni network, Bosco Tech belongs among the titans of independent secondary education in the region – and the nation.

Through the Strategic Plan, the Board of Trustees is committed to introspective assessment of its effectiveness as a body of leadership, and explore best ways to further the mission and vision of Bosco Tech. The organization of Tech must evolve and engage with the current landscape to provide the best possible learning environment for our students, the most welcoming home for our families, and the most appreciative place to work for our faculty and staff.

And we will…

  • Strengthen the Board of Trustees by developing policies based on national best practice for recruitment, diversity, and expertise in critical areas.
  • Assess critical staffing needs, identify and fill gaps, and invest in professional development.
  • Attract, retain, and support the best faculty and staff in the Los Angeles area by analyzing compensation, enhancing benefits, and exploring new resources for hiring.