Yurak Athletic Center

Yurak Athletic Center
Yurak Athletic Center

Bosco Tech has accomplished a great deal in the establishment of the Yurak Athletic Center (YAC). It was a substantial job, back in 2009, to completely transform the former Design Technology area. With the support of the administration, we have created a noteworthy athletic center that proudly bears the name of late Athletic Director Bill Yurak.

The YAC now boasts a weight room, training room, conference room, coaches’ offices, film room, cheer office, copy room and ample storage. The air-conditioned weight room alone is designed and equipped to handle 50 athletes at once. Since 2010, we have added top-notch training equipment like resistance bands, rubber weights and racks, dumbbells and racks, and tread mills. Most recently, we have installed energy efficient windows that help cool the area.

In the office and meeting areas, each head coach’s work station is now equipped with computer access. There is also a flat screen TV with a DVD so teams can review practices and games and the work area has been well stocked with medical supplies for athletes.

There is a large flat screen TV and a smart board in the film room and, since the room is so large, it is regularly used for parent meetings and administering exams.

The Alex Chavez conference room, named after late coach and alumnus Alex Chavez (DE ‘94), has a conference table that accommodates 17 people. The walls are covered with white boards and most recently we have added two flat screen TVs, a DVD player, Apple TV, a computer and a Matrix system that allows the users to review content on both TVs simultaneously, a valuable tool for coaches and teams.

Since 2010, we have been able to transform the building into a state-of-the-art athletic facility, a feat made possible through the generosity of those who participated in fundraising events, primarily the Yurak Run and golf tournament. Through their support, we have been able to raise more than $80,000 for the YAC and the gym, where we upgraded the floor design and completed new wall murals. All murals in both the YAC and the gym were done by one of our own, Coach Stanford Tucker.

It is a wonderful transformation to be a part of because it is truly a family project. With the support of the administration and board of trustees, the parents and the alumni, this is a facility we have all helped to build and it is something about which the whole campus can be proud. With athletic teams and coaches using the facilities daily, and its use for AP exams, parent and coaches meetings and other school events, it has truly been a great addition to the campus!