Clubs and Organizations

To effectively provide a well-rounded, balanced education, Bosco Tech offers a wide range of clubs, organizations and societies, creating a venue for students to pursue their interests and hone their talents. All students are encouraged to participate!

To effectively provide a well-rounded, balanced education, Bosco Tech offers a wide range of clubs, organizations and societies, creating a venue for students to pursue their interests and hone their talents. All students are encouraged to participate!

Ambassadors are liaisons for the school, the student body, and prospective students.  Ambassadors is open to all Bosco Tech students in 9th-12th grade who are confident, responsible, articulate, and who meet the approval of the faculty and administration.  Ambassadors represent and serve Bosco Tech and the student body at school functions and in all phases of the recruitment process.  Ambassadors interface with prospective students to build bonds and establish a comfortable environment for the prospective students to speak candidly about any concerns related to school transition, adaptation to new school environments, and any expectations and responsibilities at Bosco Tech.  The role of ambassadors is a bridge between the school, student body, and prospective students to build report, understanding, and represent the best of Bosco Tech. 

When students apply for universities and colleges, the ambassadors program demonstrates leadership, responsibility, integrity, intelligence, independence, and communication skills of the student.  Universities and colleges seek out prospective students who possess strong moral character and academic excellence.   Program Moderators: Mr. Garcia and Mr. Tom

ASB / Student Council is a standing committee responsible for building community by providing various opportunities through club interests. Primarily, its goal is to involve the student body in extracurricular activities under the Office of Student Life and to raise student awareness in regards to the diverse clubs offered on campus. The council is responsible for scheduling club events to avoid conflicts, advertising various club events, as well as the establishment/rechartering of clubs. Club Moderator: Mr. Herrera

ASM / ASNT (American Society of Metals/American Society for Nondestructive Testing) Student Chapter is an international, professional organization dedicated to the study of materials and the processes of nondestructive testing based on the principles set forth by the ASM and the ASNT. We hope to further knowledge of the applications and developments of modern materials and, in the case of A.S.N.T., to ensure the safety of products and processes ranging from toys to amusement parks. Throughout the year, we hold several professional chapter meetings and have field trips that will aid in the propagation of education related to materials science.

Build Team gathers teams from local high schools and community colleges in a two-day competition to design and build their own structure. Recent years have brought a focus to green designs, framing and construction techniques. Each school is allowed to sell their final product and retain the revenue to support their program. Club Moderator: Mr. Chua

Chess Club is open to all students who either want to refine their skills in chess or learn more about the game. Stop by during lunch for a match or skills tests.  Club Moderator: Br. John Rasor

Cycling Club is a great way to stay physically fit and meet new friends! Cycling is a great activities to explore different parts of Los Angeles. Moderator: Dr. Arguelles

FRC Robotics Club’s purpose is to have fun designing, building and programming a competitive robot to be used in the First Robotics Competition (FRC). Members will learn how to apply real-world math and science concepts, document the engineering process, develop problem-solving, organizational and team-building skills, and compete and cooperate in alliances at tournaments. Students from all technologies are encouraged to learn all aspects of robotics and Solidworks. Club Moderator: Mr. Garza

FTC Robotics Club is similar to FRC Robotics. Their competition season is in the spring, while ours is in the fall and winter. See for information on FRC and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Club Moderator: Bro. John Rasor

International Club is club dedicated to help welcome our brothers from around the world as they study at Bosco Tech. This club is open to all members of the community. Students will have opportunities to providing tutoring, work on service projects and enjoy fellowship through various discussed topics.

Japanese Club educates students about the Japanese language and culture. Students have the opportunity to practice their language skills. The club is open to participation by all to bring enrichment into the lives of students through cultural awareness. Club Moderator: Mrs. Rowe

Key Club is a student-led, high school organization. Our members make the world a better place through service. In doing so, we grow as individuals and as leaders by answering the call to lead, summoning the courage to engage and developing the heart to serve. Club Moderator: Mr. Chua 

Letterman Society is a prestigious group of students composed of dedicated athletic varsity lettermen. They provide services to the school such as working at school dances or crowd control at various campus functions like athletic events and school liturgies. They also provide tours of the school to prospective students, parents, and other campus guests. Club Moderator: Dr. Arguelles

Manager’s Guild is a great opportunity to learn about the various sports offered at Bosco Tech and assisting the technical needs of the team by working closely with the head coaches. The Managers play key roles in the overall success of the team and we are always looking for more to support our growing teams.

National Honor Society strives to “improve scholarship and to place the regular and faithful performance of academic work in its proper place in the estimation of the Student Body.” Students of the Tech who have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 and are in good standing with the school are eligible for membership. Membership offers benefits at graduation. Club Moderators: Mr. Chavez and Mrs. Battaglia

Red Cross Club – Through hundreds of Red Cross clubs across the country, youth volunteers support the American Red Cross mission to prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. Bosco Tech’s Red Cross club is an extension of our local Red Cross and provides students with opportunities for training, leadership development, and the ability to choose activities that address our community’s greatest needs. The Red Cross Club empowers students with Red Cross knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare our school and community to respond to emergencies. Red Cross Clubs are officially recognized clubs on school campuses and throughout the community led by middle school, high school and college students who wish to serve as volunteers of the American Red Cross. Clubs participate in a variety of activities such as service projects and leadership training by planning events at their own schools and participating in Chapter sponsored activities.

Students in Red Cross Clubs and Youth Corps organize fundraisers for a variety of Red Cross initiatives including disasters and overall youth programming. Red Cross Clubs and Youth Corps help the American Red Cross by building awareness, hosting blood drives, promoting Red Cross programs, and much more!

Being a Red Cross Club or Youth Corps member builds character and provides the tools and experience needed for attaining strong leadership, communication and community service skills. Additionally, Club and Youth Corps members are encouraged to become permanent volunteers of the American Red Cross as they grow within the organization and take on increasing levels of responsibility. Club ModeratorMrs. Sigoloff

Royal Techman Band provides students with musical talent the opportunity to serve the school community by putting their talent into practice. In addition to performing at all sports rallies, the band performs at league football and basketball games and Open House. Some members of the band also provide their services at student body liturgies throughout the year. Band Director: Mr. Almanza

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (National Hispanic Honor Society – NHHS) promotes and honors those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language, to promote interest in a deeper understanding of the Hispanic culture and to contribute to society in a positive manner via community service. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better and have earned an A in Spanish for two semesters. Club Moderator: Mr. Ramirez

Solar Boat Club engages the largest high school solar boat building and racing competition in the world! This innovative seven-month water education and environmentally sustainable technology program is funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and its member agencies including West Basin Municipal Water District. Club Moderator: Mr. Chua

Spanish Club educates and informs students about issues and events directly and/or indirectly involving the Latino culture. The club is open to participation by all students and is not limited to the Latino population of the school and provides an inclusive environment in which cultural tolerance and diversity are promoted; to bring enrichment into the lives of students through cultural awareness. Club Moderator: Ms. Schmeisser

Don’t see a club you like and want to start one? Stop by the Student Activity Center and see Mr. Herrera!