Youth Ministry

Bosco Tech Salesian PhilosophyYouth Ministry is made up of a team of students who are always ready and willing to listen to anyone in need, with the Core Team acting as the campus youth ministry leadership team. Starting in 1998, this team took on two responsibilities: the Big Brother Core Team that heads and directs the Big Brother Program, and the Liturgy Core Team that plans and executes the school liturgies and prayer services.

Since then the Core Team has evolved to four committees: Character Assemblies, Formation, Liturgies, and Retreats/Service. If there is anything you need or want, ask the Youth Ministry on campus, and they will do the best they can to assist you.

Character Assemblies
Once a month, the school community celebrates a Character Assembly. During this assembly a Gospel is read and speaker is asked to provide a reflection on the topic. Students, faculty, and staff are also acknowledged for demonstrating Christian values.

Youth Ministry members, also referred to as FDBs (Friends of Don Bosco), participate in monthly formation sessions reflecting on topics of Salesian Spirituality. The FDBs are organized into four groups: Magone, Savio, Rua, and DeSales. Through formation sessions and monthly challenges being met, FDBs can move up in rank throughout their four years.

Liturgies are performed as a Catholic Mass by a Salesian priest in our school community or for special masses celebrating feast days, at which the Bishop or our Provincial usually presides. We also celebrate mass on holy days of obligation. Additionally, several prayer services that include reconciliation are held at various times throughout the year for everyone in our school chapel. Monthly, the school will either celebrate a liturgy or prayer service as a whole school. Daily mass is celebrated at 7:25 a.m. Monday through Friday in our school chapel. All students, faculty and their families are welcome.

The retreats at Bosco Tech provide students with a break from school studies and a chance to reflect on their relationship with God and the activities they have participated in throughout their high school years. The retreat environment emphasizes fun, group activities, the goodness of God, and personal reflection. Each grade level experiences a specific retreat geared for that class. During retreats, students are not pressured or required to participate; participation is always up to each individual. The retreats are put together so that each participant has a good time enjoying the company of friends.

Big Brother Program
For a freshman, the first day of school can be daunting. The Big Brother Program is designed to welcome new students to the Bosco Tech family in a fun and caring way. Initially started through the introductory Tech Fest activities, freshmen were paired with upperclassmen at an ice breaking competition of sports and fun. Over the years, Tech Fest has evolved into what we now refer to as The Salesian Experience, designed to welcome new students into our school community.

feat_campus-ministryYour Big Brother will be a resource person for you during your crucial first semester at Bosco. You and your Big Brother will be a part of a larger group of Big and Little Brothers with a faculty Aunt or Uncle to help you out.
This program provides incoming students with more knowledge about the school and the people there. So if a freshman has any problems, they can have somebody experienced to talk to and ask questions like, “Where are my classes?”, and anything else they might want to know.
All Big Brothers are trained through a peer ministry class which gives them a chance to develop the leadership and social skills that will serve them at Don Bosco and beyond. Steadily, our Big Brother program is enhancing our school’s services for the youth. These services are in keeping with what Don Bosco called an oratory model where a boy can play, pray, receive an education and feel like he is at home.

KAIROS — loosely translated as “God’s time” — is a four day, three night residential OPTIONAL retreat that takes place at the 360+ acre Green Oak Ranch in Vista, San Diego County. KARIOS is a senior retreat that is offered to fourth year students twice each year at Bosco Tech; however, every year a select group of juniors are invited (via a pool of faculty suggestions) to attend the spring KAIROS. Through discussion, prayer and activities, the retreat affords all attendees an opportunity to reflect on the relationships in their lives, as well as a chance to consider how their connections to God, family, and friends can be improved. Many students report that, because the retreat takes place over such a long period of time and occurs so far from home, KAIROS is an especially intense experience. Thus, they describe returning from the retreat invigorated and motivated.

Every student is expected to submit a minimum of 25 Christian Service hours, with a minimum of 14 of those hours being off campus. Freshmen and Sophomores have a designated service sites with the City of Rosemead, Freshmen volunteer for Tiny Tots, Sophomores volunteer for One City Tutoring.

For more information please contact Mr. Rudy Herrera at 626-940-2087.