Materials Science, Engineering & Technology (MSET)

“Material science now has the clear possibility and promise of the systematic utilization of all the natural resources of the earth for the good of the whole human race…”
– Charles E. Wilson

Materials Science, Engineering and Technology (MSET) involves all the processes that turn natural resources into useful products impacting all facets of our lives. It examines all classes of materials; metals, ceramics, polymers and electronic materials and applies basic principles of chemistry and physics in order to understand the structure of the materials and how a material’s structure determines its properties.

Size is no limit; Bosco Tech MSET students explore new research in nanotechnology as well as work in labs studying failure analysis of components as large as jumbo jets. The Materials Science field is recognized as one of the most promising career opportunities for engineers and scientists today. It also provides a natural preparation for further education and careers in science, medicine, law and business.

Freshman Year - Explore the basics of material processing; including casting, welding, ceramics, electronic soldering and bonding.

Sophomore Year - Verify the qualities of engineering materials by applying variety of
destructive (mechanical) and non-destructive testing techniques.

Junior Year - Expand the understanding of the chemistry & properties of non-metallics and the relationships between crystal structures & properties of metallic materials.

Senior Year - Analyze unknown compounds by applying forensic chemistry and use the scanning electron microscope & other equipment to determine why components sometimes fail. Study the small world of nanotechnology.