Thank you Techman Veterans

Bosco Tech is proud of the many fine Techmen who are currently serving, or have served, our country in the United States armed forces.

The following list of servicemen is not comprehensive and we would like to make it complete. If you have served, We would love to add your name to this list and send you a limited edition alumni veteran pin to thank you for representing the Tech among our nation’s finest!

Thank you, Techman veterans, for your service to our country. We are very proud of you!

Juan P. Acosta (DE ’93) Army
Rudolph Andrade (GC ’92) Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves
Albert Angel (EL ’90) Commander, Navy
Thomas Bauman (ME ’63) Staff Sergeant, Air Force
Dr. James Bentley (EL ’64) Colonel, Medical Corps, Army
Donald Blish (ME ‘64) Staff Sergeant, Air Force
William Britt (DR ’76) Coast Guard
Raymond Cancel (PH ’66) Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force
Dr. Pedro A. Casas (DR, ’81) Colonel, Clinical/Forensic Psychologist, Army
Douglas Cristobal (MS ’05) Army
Eric Cuevas (PT ‘94) Second Class Petty Officer, Navy
Thomas D’Amico (AU ’62) Navy and Naval Reserve
Gene Davis (BT ’88) Senior Airman, Air Force
James Adam DeAnda (MS ’01) Marine Corps
Ted Diehl (AU ’71) Amphibious Brigade, Marine Corps
Robert Dempsey (PH ‘64) Hospital Corpsman, Marine Corps
Arthur Ealba (BT ’87) Sergeant, Air Force
Spencer Feliciano (MS ’07) Army
Mark Felix (BT ’81) Army
Richard Fierroz (MT ’77) Army
John Flores (MS ’99) Army
Ramiro Gardea (CB ’60) Master Sergeant, Air Force
Steve Garrett (CA ’64) Sergeant, Army
Michael Gomez (DE ’08) Combat Medic, Air Force
Derek W. Goodwin (GC ’06) Sergeant, Marine Corps
Francisco ‘Frank’ Govea (EL ’71) Chief Master Sergeant, Air Force
Francisco V. Govea II (MT ’94) Master Sergeant, Air Force
Scott Graybeal (MS ‘90) Lieutenant Commander, Navy
Theodore Guerrero (BT ’68) Navy
John Trevor Harris (GC ’87)
Richard Haskell (EL ’64) Second Class Petty Officer, Navy
Richard Hassler (ME ’59) Navy Reserve
Roger Hassler (ME ’64) Air Force
Richard C. Hernandez (MC ‘59) Air Force and Air National Guards
Donald Hesse (EL ‘67) Officer, Marine Corps/Navy
Grant Hintze (EL ’66)
Donald G. Hitchcock (CB ’62) Army
Steven Hopkins (CB ‘64) Army
Steve Iavicoli (ME ’72) Second Class Aviation Admin, Navy
Terry Jeffreys (MT ‘84) Military Police Officer, Army and National Guard
John Kelly (MT ’64) Army
Michael Kin (MC ’64) Test Engineer, Army
Michael Klementich (GC ‘88) Sergeant, Army
Ron Kuntz (PH ’64) First Lieutenant, Army
Jean-Pierre ‘Pete’ LeClair (EL ’75) Marines/Navy
John Leon (PH ’68) Master Sergeant, Air Force
Dr. David Libert (MN ’67) Army
Philip Lopez (DE ’04) Staff Sergeant, Marine Corps (Presidential Helicopter Squadron)
Daniel Madero (EL ’10) Army
Robert Marin (BT ‘84) Captain, Navy
Steven Marin (MS ’90) Air Force
David Magallanes (EL ’67) Air Force
Roger Marshall (MT ’66) Green Beret, Army Special Forces
William Marticorena (ME ’71) Captain, Air Force and Air Force Reserve
Stephen Maskel (ME ’60) Photojournalist, Navy
Anthony Mattazaro (CS ‘04) Captain, Army
Dr. Alan McNabb (MT ’80) Major, Air Force
Robert Mendez (CT ’93) First Lieutenant, Army and National Guard
Daniel G. Nava (AU ’68) Staff Sergeant, Air Force
Frank Nevarez (MS ’87) Captain, Navy
Ramon Ortiz (PH ’81) Marine Corps
Manuel Palmarin (ME ’59) Air Force
Edward Phillips (EL ‘64) Navy
Donnell Pingarron (PH ’77) Army and Army Reserve
Ray Powers (PH ’61) Army
David Quezada (DR ’83) Marine Corps Reserve
Michael Raycraft (ME ’65)
John Rhodes (MC ’62) Lieutenant General, Marine Corps
Mike Rivas (MT ’75) Air Force
Juan C. Rodarte (EL ’90) Commander, Navy
Kevin Roman (MS ’08) Petty Officer Third Class, Navy
Dave Ross, (EL ’62)—Colonel, Army
Phillip Saavedra (EL ’03) Airborne Infantry Combat Medic, Army
Randolph ‘Randy’ Sanchez (MT ’86) Petty Officer Third Class, Navy
Albert Santillanes (PH ’65)
Don Schade (CB ’64) Naval Air Reserve
Anastacio M. Torres (PH ’85)
Peter van Loben Sels (MT ’61) Lieutenant, Navy
Jim Verti (ME ’64) Air Force
Ed Wrona (BT ’68) Petty Officer Third Class, Navy
Jonathon Yenny (PT ’06) Navy
Mark Zeman (MN ’76) Marine Corps
Jack Zwart (MC ’62) Eighth Army UNC Honor Guard Company